Review: Deathbed #5

by Konrad Secord-Reitz
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[Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers]

Writer: Joshua Williamson

Artist: Riley Rossmo & Ivan Placencia



Deathbed has been about Antonio Luna and his journey to have Val ghostwrite his autobiography. While he has watched “friends” die and seen how little impact he ultimately had on the lives of those he himself cherished, Val has been on her own journey. She has been forced to rethink her life while watching the ferocious way Antonio has lived.

The impact that the world’s most interesting man has had on Val has quite possibly been bigger than anyone he has never known. While attempting to save Luna from the jelly fish forcing him to relive his past, she to is launched into her own mind. Unlike Luna she must face herself and her life.

A chaotic and monstrous battle against the embodiment of her anxiety, dreams, wishes, and hopes of the future strikes out against her forcing her to see how she has changed. In her wild haymaker punch against her own pent up mental energy, she punches through freeing herself and Luna.

These new found self reflections in Luna and Val give them the drive to carry on. They must return to the route of the attackers. The base of their aggressors. Nocturna Island, Antonio Luna’s birthplace!

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Deathbed #5 is a powerful issue for both of the protagonists in this issue. Luna have serious self reflection which we can all relate to, especially some of the older readers who have lived their lives and may have many people who, like Luna, they have left behind, hurt, or severed contact with. For younger readers, Val’s new understanding that even if she previously has given up on dreams, or been too anxious to try something can be a guiding light to not worry about the past and to instead try that new thing!



There are no negatives in this issue!



Deathbed #5 is a wonderfully self-reflective issue for the protagonists and readers! Be sure to pick this comic up and be prepared for the amazing conclusion in the next one!



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