Review: Man of Steel #4

by Ari Bard
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[Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers]

Writer: Brian Michael Bendis

Artists: Kevin Maguire, Jason Fabok (pp 12-13)

Colors: Alex Sinclair

Letters: Josh Reed



The showdown occurs between Superman and Rogol Zaar!  Superman is all emotion at first, but then starts formulating a better plan against a foe that is steps ahead of the Man of Steel. We finally learn that the mysterious figure that appears in Superman’s flashbacks is Jor-El who has come to teach his grandson things.  Presumably, Lois and Jonathan are with him.  Finally, after a getting a better idea of who this Rogol Zaar is, Superman unleashes something we haven’t seen in a long time.


The fight between Superman and Rogol Zaar was some of the best drawn stuff I have seen in awhile.  With all of the superhero movies that come out these days, it is hard to draw a fight seen at a level that compares or surpasses action scenes filmed in movies, and this one did just that.  The stakes, emotion, cool lasers and explosions, background damage, etc. was all there.

Once again, Superman’s narration and thoughts are written excellently in this issue.  Bendis takes us through Superman’s mindset during a big fight extremely well.  From the impulsive and emotional first reaction to the more calculated plan he develops later, Superman’s voice really shines through.

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Most of the dialogue is also written a lot better this issue.  Superman’s voice is becoming exactly like how I always imagined and I am glad that this miniseries is taking us into Bendis’s mindset for the Superman character before we get into the Action Comics and Superman series. Rogol Zaar also expresses himself to Superman really well and has revealed to be much more than a big bad strong guy.



Some of the artwork was not as good as in previous issues. Some of the proportions on the cover felt very off to me, and both Superman’s and Green Lantern’s faces seemed weirdly chubby in certain panels.  I also felt that the Green Lantern conversation was not very effective in its purpose to express concern for Superman and his battle with Rogol Zaar while also informing the readers that the Guardians of the Universe are still out there, would want to hear about this, and are in a place where Hal can contact them.  Hopefully conversations like that continue to feel more natural.


Amongst all the changes and big news surrounding DC’s comics and movies right now, I hope that Bendis and Superman will stay constant for awhile.



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