Review: The Brave and The Bold: Batman and Wonder Woman #5

by Shean Mohammed
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[Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers]

Writer & Artist: Liam Sharp

Colors: Romulo Rajardo Jr.



There’s a grave missing detail of Batman and Wonder Woman’s investigation into the death of King Elatha—it’s not only about who killed him, but also what it means. As one king dies, another must arise…long live the new king Balor Evil-Eye! Now Batman and Wonder Woman must fight alongside Tir Na Nóg and destroy its causeways to our dimension!


This issue opens with Diana and Bruce in the middle of a dispute between the warring clans, and what catches my eye is the way Sharp draws not only Wonder Woman, but Bruce Wayne. It is probably the most gorgeous views of these characters I have seen, as Sharp draws them in a style somewhere between Alex Ross and Jim Lee, while maintaining a style all his own.

Sharp also gives readers another taste of Batman working as an actual Detective, as he interrogates one of the main suspects. Something like this seems like it should be out of place for this world where mystical creatures are commonplace and would be otherwise be set in a medieval age, but it’s not.

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The big twist in this issue will leave readers going back through the past few issues to see if Sharp left any breadcrumbs, as the character in question has actually been talked about in the first issue and has been seen several times throughout without no mention of who he is. This makes it quite satisfying to put it all together in this penultimate issue, something Sharpe does masterfully. We also finally get a villain, one that looks to shake things up, and is definitely looking to take the throne as he raises an army that resembles the White Walkers in Game Of Thrones.

Lastly, how Sharp shapes dialogue between modern English and Olde English is something rarely seen in the medium of comics and is something that sets this book apart from the rest.


There are no negatives worth mentioning in this issue.



This story is hitting it out of the park on every level. The characters are well developed, as both Batman and Wonder Woman excel here, and the story itself contains multitudes of layers. The art feels lavish and distinguished, like canvas paintings from another century, which is fantastic to look at.

As a fan of this book, I cant wait to see what book Sharp takes on next in the DC Universe.



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