Review: Green Lanterns #49

by Konrad Secord-Reitz
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[Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers]

Writer: Aaron Gillespie

Artist: Roge Antonio & Hi-Fi



Picking up a split second after Green Lanterns #48 ended, this issue opens with Simon tackling Jess through a dock and submerging them both in the lake where they can have a quick talk. At first the rogue lantern protests, assuming Baz is there to take her in. Simon looking at her hurt, “After all we’ve been through? That stings deep,” he says. But she can’t trust herself with everything that’s gone on, how could she expect anyone else to trust her? After a quick regroup they have a plan in place and the partners get back into action.

They track Accampo down to a hide out and corner him like a rat. He tries to make a deal with them but the lanterns convince him to work with them and tell them truth. It turns out that poor ol’ Accampo had a rough life and one Mr. V’Sheer took him in and gave him a job. Well, while Mr. V’Sheer was busy building a giant resort planet wither an untold amount of dough, he was also running guns to the highest bidder.

So the race is on for the Lanterns and Accampo to jet off through space and confront Mr. V’Sheer to find out what’s going on!



The bulk of this issue plays out as I was expecting, but, how this issue ended shows just how much Cruz has changed since her introduction. Once the crime is solved and the bad guy put away, Hal Jordan releases Cruz and Baz, saying they need to investigate further. Where Jessica shines is the next moment where she goes off on him!

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Anxious, unsure, and self-doubting Jessica Cruz gets right up into Hal’s face and let’s him have it. She puts him in his place about how he proceeded in his treatment of her. There is a beautiful frame showing Hal’s face in shadow and disgrace as he can do nothing but agree.

The variant cover for his issue is gorgeous! It similar to Bruce Timm’s style with a jump in detail which looks polished and lush. I do hope that Warren Louw continues working on covers, if not a book himself.

Roge Antonio continues to provide wonderful art to bring the worlds in Green Lanterns alive. What stands out most to me is the effect and power of his characters body language and the illustration of their eyes.


The bulk of this issue plays out as I was expecting, unfortunately this leaves the issue itself feeling a little stale. If not for the above mentioned positives, this would have been an underwhelming issue.



Green Lanterns #49 is a fun issue with some powerful moments for Cruz and Baz. Any fans of Jessica Cruz must get this issue to continue watching her grow.



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