[Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers]

Writer: Robert Venditti

Penciller: Fernando Pasarin

Inkers: Oclair Albert & Eber Ferreira

Colorist: Jason Wright



With all of last issue’s surprises and turns, this issue is a little more straight forward as it puts things back on track.  Hector Hammond has turned Hal into an amnesiac and explains to Hal that Hector is a super-hero is going to kill all the bad people in the universe.  Hal hears a second voice in his head which cleverly turns out to be his ring.  The ring ends up revealing the truth to Hal and Hal regains his memory.  Turns out this was Hammond’s plan all along to show Hal that his thoughts and feelings about killing were only that, thoughts and feelings and that he wouldn’t even let Hammond do it for him.

On Earth, Arkillo stands between Guy and Guy’s father.  Arkillo knows the only to save Guy is to stop him from killing his own father.  Arkillo gives a moving speech about his friendship with Guy as well as providing some insight to Guy that despite the terrible things Guy’s dad has done, these things helped make Guy who he is, a hero and the Green Lantern in Arkillo’s opinion.  The emotion moves Guy’s and stirs his will to spare his father and this breaks the hold that the Darkstar mantle has on him.

On New Genesis, Kyle and Space Cabbie get broken out of jail by Orion and on Mogo, the casualties are piling up for the Green Lantern Corps as the Darkstars surround the planet and the Guardians of the Universe wait for John Stewart’s recruiting plan to come to fruition.



The best parts of this issue are Hal and Guy’s character moments.  Both characters’ true natures are revealed through their trials.  Hal and Guy, despite having questions about the potential positive impact of lethal force in their “work” realize that deep down inside it’s not who they are.  This is true of all of us.  There are things that we are tempted by that upon a thorough examination prove to be antithetical to one’s nature.

Arkillo and Hector Hammond prove interesting foils for these growth moments as they have been portrayed largely as villains in the past yet share an interesting bond with Guy and Hal respectively.



Guy, Hal and Kyle have been sidetracked from their goals.  While obstacles are important in heightening the drama, these diversions have played out a little quickly.  Things are back in the right direction a little too quickly for them to be meaningful and it just bogs the plot down a bit.  Kyle’s diversion seems completely insignificant.  Hal and Guy learn something important about themselves, but it’s just turns around too quickly for the impact that it should have.


While Hal and Guy have some important moments as they learn a little bit about themselves, the obstacles they overcome don’t last long enough to be as meaningful as they should be.  After this issue, things are back on track a little too quickly.  However, Hal and Guy’s character moments are very strong and important to understanding something deeper about themselves.


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