Man of Steel 2 Rumor: Announcement Coming Soon (But Maybe Not at SDCC)

by Brad Filicky
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It’s evident that both Dawn of Justice and Justice League had divisive reactions from critics and fans, but that hasn’t stopped a buzz from forming around the idea of a Man of Steel sequel. Screenrant had this to report:


 (Henry) Cavill himself can next be seen antagonizing Tom Cruise in Mission: Impossible – Fallout. Adding another franchise under his belt, his star continues to rise in Hollywood. Despite that, his schedule over the next few years remains pretty clear. According to Revenge of the Fans EIC Mario-Francisco Robles on the El Fanboy Podcast, that could be due to production on a Man of Steel sequel looming on the horizon. As explained by Robles, Warner Bros. wants Cavill to be part of their panel at San Diego Comic-Con next month. While that could mean they announce Man of Steel 2, Cavill might instead by used to introduce a Shazam! trailer. Further, Robles says Warner Bros. might be waiting until Mission: Impossible – Fallout debuts, to see whether it helps Cavill’s star rise, before giving the Man of Steel sequel the green light.

The actor recently added fuel to the idea of a Man of Steel sequel with a post on Instagram. Hitting the gym with a vengeance, Cavill stated that he is “working on the Super Buns!” and hinted that fans may see him squeeze them into the famous blue outfit in the near future. The search for a director wouldn’t even take long, with Chris McQuarrie on standby if required.

Of course, as indicated by Robles, this could just be Cavill working up to an appearance at San Diego Comic-Con, where news and trailers of DCEU films are sure to be released. An Aquaman trailer is already confirmed to debut. If Cavill does introduce the Shazam! trailer, despite director David F. Sandberg teasing his own appearance at SDCC, it certainly makes sense. There have been rumors of Superman showing up in Shazam!, after all. Should Billy Batson need assistance learning the superhero ropes in his Shazam persona, you couldn’t get a better role model that Superman.

This could be why Cavill seems intent on taking comical jabs at Dwayne Johnson on social media. Set to play the villainous Black Adam in the DCEU, rumors have always been rife that Johnson will appear in Shazam! in one capacity or another, pitting he and Cavill on opposite ends of the heroic spectrum. Still, if indeed Warner Bros. really wants Man of Steel 2 to hit theaters in 2020, we should know one way or another before too long, whether it’s announced at SDCC or a little later this year.


Well, there you have it! SDCC could have some exciting DCEU news!

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