Review: Hawkman #2

by Cameron Tevis
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[Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers]

Writer: Robert Venditti

Pencils: Bryan Hitch

Inkers: Andrew Currie, Daniel Henriques and Bryan Hitch

Colors: Jeremiah Skipper



Hawkman remembers many of his past lives, from his first memory as Khufu in ancient Egypt to his time as the Silent Knight from the Dark Ages to his time as Nighthawk in the Old West. He realizes they each had a winged figure represent them.

As Carter Hall, he goes to the British Museum in London to find answers about his past. But suddenly, he is torn through time itself and finds himself in ancient Egypt. The journey transforms him back into Hawkman and before he has a chance to understand what’s happening, he is attacked by his former self, Khufu.

During their battle, Hawkman is able to get one piece of helpful information from Khufu before he is ripped back to the future.

Hawkman 2_1 - DC Comics News


After such a great first issue, I was concerned the second issue wouldn’t be able to live up, but I’m relieved to say that is not the case in the least. Venditti and Hitch build upon the mystery of the first issue and even add an exciting new element to it with what appears to be actual time travel and not just Hawkman’s memories.

In the first issue, Venditti had supporting characters that had somehow been helped by Hawkman in one way or the other. They weren’t directly affected per se, but one of their ancestors was and it was passed on to their descendants to remember Hawkman and help him if they ever could. Fortunately, that idea is carried on in this issue s well when we meet Gertie. I think that is such powerful and unique aspect to Hawkman because it shows how impactful he has been throughout history. With the realization that he has been reborn through all of time and space, the potential for these types of supporting characters is endless.

Hawkman 2_2 - DC Comics News


With the mystery building, the cast of supporting characters giving further depth to Hawkman and the artwork tying it together perfectly, I can honestly say I don’t have any negatives about this issue or even this arc as a whole yet.

Hawkman 2_3 - DC Comics News


A great follow up to a fantastic first issue. Venditti and Hitch suck the reader into Hawkman’s mystery with ease and leaves the audience clamoring for Hawkman’s answers.


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