VFX Reel Confirms A Different Battle In Justice League

by Jeff Testanero
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It’s no secret that Zack Snyder’s vision for the DCEU contained images and scenes that were darker than the superhero genre was used to.  This is not only evident in movies like Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice but also in a few of the concept art paintings for Justice League especially in the final fight scene between the united Justice League and Steppenwolf.  Evidence has surfaced in some newly released VFX reels courtesy of Blind LTD, the studio that did the visual effects on the film.

These newly released photos show a drastically different version from the Joss Whedon reshoots and show that the movie was drastically altered and completely different than the vision that was put to film by Zack Snyder.  Reports from Storyboard artist, Jay Oliva also confirmed that the story Whedon told was different from the one that Snyder originally worked on, despite claims from Warner Bros that Whedon was doing was finish Snyder’s vision.

Recently, two special effect reels where posted to the Twitter from DCEUnited which will undoubtedly fuel the fire that Whedon and Warner Bros knowingly changed Justice League completely and “fan the flames” of those calling for a “Snyder Cut” release of the Justice League film.  One video shows a compilation of various effects shots of an inverted pyramid in a desolated landscape and more.  The second video, considerably shorter, shows the pyramid in more detail in a desolated part of Earth.

These videos are very similar to the concept art created by artist Christian Lorenz Scheurer.  They show the villain, Steppenwolf, using the Motherboxes he gathered throughout the movie to begin the transformation of Earth into what would resemble his homeworld, Apokalips.

These scenes would have matched the now even more out of place, Knightmare sequence of Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice.  These videos also add more evidence that this battle in an Apokalips-esque atmosphere had made it well beyond pre-production and a “Snyder Cut” of Justice League might be complete.

Either coincidence or fact, these videos further push the cries from fans to “RELEASE THE SNYDER CUT” as a special edition of Justice League, giving the fans the movie they were expecting and deserve

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