The Penguin Is No Longer In ‘Birds of Prey’–Will He Be In ‘The Batman’?

by Jeff Testanero
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Recently, the roster for the upcoming Birds of Prey movie was released and with that, the roster information surrounding the movie’s main villain. We learned that the villain would be from the Batman canon but not a villain that we have ever seen in a movie before.  Now, we add more controversy and speculation since its was announced that The Penguin was originally the villain in Birds of Prey but that can’t happen. Why? Well, as you all know, The Penguin was featured as one of the two villains in Tim Burton’s Batman Returns, played by Danny DeVito.

In May, Variety reported that The Penguin would appear for the DCEU in either The Batman or Birds of Prey but the news that the Birds of Prey villain will be brand new to the big screen, that pretty much leaves the umbrella welding Oswald Cobblepot to the mercy of The Batman.

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