Review: The Brave & The Bold: Batman & Wonder Woman #6 (FINAL ISSUE)

by Shean Mohammed
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[Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers]

Writer & Artist: Liam Sharp

Colors: Romulo Fajardo Jr.

Letterer: Troy Peteri




It’s an epic battle for Tir Na Nóg in this finale, as King Elatha has opened the Causeways and both Fomorian and Dé Denann creatures are spilling into our own realm! Batman must go back to Gotham City to try to close the Causeways from the inside, while Wonder Woman will fight alongside King Elatha against his once-banished brother, Balor Evil Eye! Who will take the crown and rule Tir Na Nóg for eternity?


This issue opens with everyone dealing with the shock and awe of King Elatha’s grand plan of opening the Causeways, and no one in the royal court, including his wife, the Queen, knows of this, as his death had caused a rift in the kingdom. However, now that everyone knows he is alive, there are already rumblings of his true motivation for this scheme. The big fight within this book, which has been building up for the whole series, centers on the two Brothers, Elatha, who is king, and his half-brother Balor Evil Eye, are right out of Game Of Thrones, giving fans a full scale battle scene, something fans of both Batman and Wonder Woman would have never thought they’d see.

The fish-out-of-water scene in this book is where some soldiers from Tir Na Nog have spilled over into Gotham, as thousands of bodies lay disheveled, leaving Commissioner Gordon in a bit of a kerfuffle. His main complaint is how do to paperwork, as this gives readers the book’s first genuine light-hearted moment throughout the series. In one of the better fights in the book, shortly after Balor gets the upper hand on his older brother, King Elatha, Diana defeats Balor and sends him back from whence he came.

Lastly, Sharp leaves some Easter eggs throughout the last few panels, such as a mysterious child, a severely beaten King Elatha, and Balor plotting his next move, which looks to be his most advantageous, maybe even taking Tir Na Nog once and for all.


There are no negatives worth mentioning in this issue.



This issue provides fans with the finale that they deserve, as this is one of the best showcases of these two characters to date.


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