The CW has released a new video for its various DC Comics-inspired television shows, which teases what fans can expect in the upcoming next season, including the arrival of Batwoman.

After showing footage from Arrow, The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, Supergirl, and Black Lightning, the teaser showcases the latest hero that is set to join the network – Kate Kane/Batwoman. Though the role is not currently cast, the teaser does a pretty good job of setting the tone for Batwoman’s arrival, through some comic panels and the many, many existing Arrowverse references to Gotham and other members of the “Batfamily”.

The live-action debut of the fan-favorite character was first announced at The CW’s Upfronts presentation, with the promise that Kate would factor into this fall’s Arrowverse crossover. In recent days, the network has doubled down on Batwoman’s potential, developing a spinoff series from Geoff Johns, Greg Berlanti, and Caroline Dries.

Batwoman was first introduced into the pages of DC Comics back in 1956, before Kate Kane took on the mantle in 2006. Since then, the character has developed a pretty passionate fan following, particularly as one of DC’s first openly lesbian superheroes. Over the past few years, fans have gotten to see multiple incarnations of Batwoman across DC Comics, most recently in her own solo series, and as a leading member of Bombshells United.

While it’s unclear when Batwoman will be cast within the Arrowverse, we know that the network is seeking lesbian actresses of any ethnicity to play the part. A new casting description for the character can be found below.

“Kate is fully aware of how bad-ass she is whenever she enters a room, even though she prefers to put a smile on your face. Young Ms. Kane is physically and intellectually confident while being a woman who is proud to be openly gay. However, Kate still deals with her inner demons that go back to her history with her dad. Their relationship is quite complicated as she struggles to get praise from him. She once aspired to have a successful military career, but those dreams sadly came to an end as she was kicked out of West Point once she came out of the closet. But that didn’t stop her from becoming the crime-fighting vigilante known as Batwoman. Striking fear into the criminals she fights, Kate is someone who must also fight the complications of living a double life, both as a citizen and hero of Gotham. While she has her shield up when fighting criminals, she lets herself be vulnerable when dating women.”

Are you excited to see Batwoman make her Arrowverse debut this year? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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