Review: Batman #51

by Steven Brown
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[Editor’s note: This review may contain spoilers!]

Writer: Tom King

Pencils: Lee Weeks



It seems that even billionaire Bruce Wayne can’t escape civic duty! Bruce has been called to serve on jury duty, on a case that he’s worked as Batman! What could Bruce possibly learn as a juror on a case that’s already been declared closed? Especially since he’s the one that’s already solved it?


I love stories where we get to see Batman outside of the costume and flourish as Bruce Wayne and this is one of those issues. Here King shows us the billionaire playboy in all his splendor, from the steps of the Gotham courthouse to the juror’s box. Each page takes you deep into Bruce Wayne’s thoughts as he serves as juror for the trial of Mr. Freeze. Freeze was captured by Batman for apparently murdering three young women. Lee Weeks does a great job of showing the Gotham skyline as Batman pursues and ultimately beats a confession out of Mr. Freeze–leaving him for the police.


I have no complaints about this issue. King balances the act of showing both Bruce and Batman perfectly on almost every page. There’s even a scene where the jurors are discussing the legalities of Batman, and although they’re split, it’s enough to make Bruce go into a bathroom and tear it apart in frustration. I think this has to do with the difficulties of operating within the legal system in which Batman does. Although Freeze was caught, the defenses’ legal tactics and loopholes in this issue were pretty interesting, and I kept reading thinking myself shocked if Freeze didn’t get convicted–especially with Batman sitting on the jury!


Batman #51 was a good read and I can’t wait to read the next issue! King gives you a great cliffhanger in the end that we don’t see coming–and it seems that the fallout from the wedding between Batman and Catwoman isn’t over either. The ending of the book confused me slightly but to leave me asking questions was a great way to end the book. It’s obvious that this trial isn’t over and I’m looking forward to seeing what else could be revealed.



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