[Editors note: This review may contain spoilers!]

Writer: Tim Seeley

Pencils: Freddie E. Williams II



At the end of an intense battle for the throne of Eternia, He-Man finds himself needed once more when Swamp Thing and Zatanna come seeking his aid! Needing his help with magic to defeat a Brainiac powered Superman, can He-Man and his power over magic be the edge that Batman and his allies need? Or will this be another failed attempt at saving ruled by it’s former savior?


Seeley doesn’t hesitate to throw you into the middle of action as soon as our story starts. It seems that there’s an imposter He-Man that has taken the throne of Eternia! He enslaved the king and queen while enacting martial law on it’s citizens. He-Man thanks to his allies was able to defeat the imposter He-Man dubbed “Faker”, however this victory is short lived when he’s approached by Batman, Swamp Thing, Zatanna and others! It seems that Superman now has control of Brainiac technology and because of it, rules the world virtually absolutely. However there is something that can threaten Superman’s raw power–magic. As the Kryptonian dictator collects magical artifacts from all over the planet, Earth’s few heroes seek to look to the multiverse for help–and they find it in Eternia.


I have no negatives for this book at all. Injustice gives us a great look at a world some of Earth’s greatest heroes have fallen from grace. Some are dead, some are downright evil, some are on a path to redemption, but this entire series really shows you how Superman’s brief actions in Metropolis all those years ago continue to resonate today. Superman is a completely different man from years ago, but he still works with Bruce Wayne closely. Using Bruce’s mind, Superman incorporates Brainiac technology to predict crimes or dissent before they even happen. It was quite difficult to see Bruce as Batman strapped to a chair with armor and carbon tubes running throughout his body as he ran data on crime occurring throughout the planet for response. Jason Todd is Batman now, and he does the role pretty well serving as a great tactician for the team while in Eternia. Hopefully we’ll see a reunion between these two in the future at some point.


Overall this book is a great read. I’ve enjoyed the entire Injustice series so far and it’s one of my favorite overall books to read. It’s the one series that really shows what happens if a hero everything that he’s devoted his life to protect. In Superman’s case it was an unborn son, Lois Lane, and losing an entire city that forced him to become a worldwide dictator. I’m looking forward to seeing him encounter He-Man and the outcome of this battle! Seeley leaves us on a great cliffhanger which hopefully gives us a showdown between He-Man and Superman in the next issue! I can’t wait!


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