Review: Looney Tunes #244

by Carl Bryan
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[Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers]

Writers: Sholly Fisch, Bobbi Weiss, David Cody Weiss, Craig Boldman

Artist: Walter Corzon, David Alveraz, Neal Sternecky

Colors: Candace Schinzler-Bell, David Tanguay



Four tales of Saturday morning adventures await in this new issue of Looney Tunes.  In “Gym Dandy” Daffy the Duck is the fitness trainer and Porky the Pig seeks to keep his New Year’s Resolutions in an exhausting “try out” of various exercise experiences.  Foghorn Leghorn exhibits a bit of frustration with an old nursery rhyme in “Baa-Baa-Boo-Boo”.  Elmer Fudd provides instruction on birdhouse building using Acme tools in “Bye Bye Birdhouse”.  However, an unwelcome visitor in Daffy the Duck provides mishaps abound with the tools!  Finally, “To Beam or Not to Beam” depicts Marvin the Martian building a new teleporter but his efforts lead to an unwanted destination.



Looney Tunes always fits as comfortable as a big bowl of milk and cereal on a Saturday morning. This issue recreates the “fish out of water” stories we are used to from watching the cartoons through the years. Porky dishes out the problems to Daffy in one story, but then Daffy becomes the thorn in the side of Elmer Fudd.

The entire comic reads like the rhythm of watching the old cartoon series, and provides a lot of nostalgia for when we only could see these characters one day a week. Parents will love this issue and kids will too! The artwork is great and the writing is clever to where one can read in the “tones” of the old cartoon series.



As always, when one thinks of Looney Tunes, you think of Bugs Bunny, and he doesn’t make an appearance in this comic.



If you are looking for a visit back to years gone by, then this is the title you should buy.  And if your kids are new to comics, then this is a great introduction to both reading and colorful art!


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