Henry Cavill Would Like ‘Superman For Tomorrow’ Adaptation for ‘Man of Steel’ Sequel

by Rob Towsey
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Superman himself Henry Cavill has revealed that he’d like to see Brian Azzarello’s story Superman for Tomorrow adapted for the big screen, possibly for his long anticipated standalone sequel.

While on press tour for his upcoming movie Mission Impossible Fallout, Cavill took time to briefly discuss which Superman story he’s potentially like to see bought to life on the big screen:

“I’m a huge fan of Superman comic books, obviously, and we’ve covered a lot of the really good stuff from the comics, in part, in the movies, so I couldn’t necessarily say those. But I can say, one of my favourite books is Superman: For Tomorrow. That one I think[You] could certainly draw some inspiration from that. I think it would make a really good movie.”

Superman For Tomorrow was a 12 issue series which ran from 2004-2005. Written by Brian Azzarello, pencilled by Jim Lee and coloured by Scott Williams. The story saw Superman in a world where, one year previous one million people around the world vanished without a trace.

It was 2013 that director Zack Snyder introduced the world to Cavill as Superman, since then fans have been eagerly anticipating a standalone sequel. Yet sadly, five years on and we still have no solid news on when or even if it will happen.

Which story would you most like to see inspire a future Superman project? Let us know in the comments section below.

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