Kevin Conroy On Why Batman Is Better Than Superman

by Joshua Raynor
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Kevin Conroy, the voice of Batman in Batman: The Animated Series, and countless other animated TV episodes and video games, has laid out a pretty convincing argument as to why Batman is better than Superman.

Speaking to Red Carpet News, Conroy explained that Batman has plenty of issues that fans can relate to. “Let’s face it, Batman is complicated,” Conroy said. “He’s got issues, he’s dark, and he’s got problems. And he overcomes them all, which is what people love about him.

But Superman, he’s square-jawed, farm-fed, he’s just so boring,” Conroy continued with a smile. “He’s got no issues. He can see through walls, he can jump over planes, he can fly. What’s the challenge for him?

It’s not exactly a surprise that Conroy would side with Batman, having voiced the character as far back as 1992. While Batman: the Animated Series ended in 1995, he continued to voice the character in various Justice League cartoons, the Arkham series of Batman games, and a slew of DC animated movies. Most recently, Conroy portrayed Batman in Justice League Action, which finished airing in June 2018 on Cartoon Network.

Conroy mentions that he debates with Tim Daly, the voice of Superman in various DC Animated Universe works, about Batman and Superman all the time. “But Batman is so screwed up,” Conroy claims Daly says about Batman.

Conroy also spoke positively about Man of Steel, noting that the movie “dirtied” Superman up and made him more interesting.

However, playing Batman has somewhat sullied Conroy’s opinions on superheroes, as he feels that he lucked out by playing the character as his first animated role. “Everyone says ‘what other superhero do you want to play?’” Conroy said. “And I say ‘Are you kidding?’ What other superhero is there? I got the best one. I started with the best one. He’s so complicated, there’s so much meat to bite into with him. It never ends.

Conroy’s next performance as Batman will be in the upcoming LEGO DC Super-Villains video game, which comes out in October 2018.


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