New ‘Suicide Squad’ VFX Reel Features Deleted Batman and Harley Quinn Footage

by Shaina Lucas
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VFX’s artists have certainly been busy releasing various footage from DC films. After some unreleased footage of Justice League made its way onto the internet, some footage of Suicide Squad is also making the rounds. The thing is, that’s not the best part. The deleted footage is a scene featuring Batman and Harley Quinn after he rescues her from the crash of the pier and into the water below.

While the film didn’t feature this scene, it is present in the Suicide Squad novel.

Harley Quinn asks “Why the favor, Bats?”, to which Batman replies: “Joker took something important away from me. It’s my turn.” That’s a clear reference to Robin, who was killed by the hands of The Joker.

In the video below, you can hear Ben Affleck saying a variation of that line. If you’ve read the graphic novel you know that a lot of material was cut from the film. There’s more Joker, and the abusive relationship that we all know and love is there. Guess Warner Bros. should learn not to “lighten up” a film that’s supposed to be dark and gritty and not take the response from a completely different film and apply it to another. Unless is the raving attributes of Wonder Woman of course.

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