Review: Green Lanterns #52

by Konrad Secord-Reitz
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[Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers]

Writer: Dan Jurgens

Artists: Marco Santucci

Colors: Hi-Fi

Letters: Dave Sharpe



With Eon and the Ravager fleet in space outside of the water planet Penelo ready to fight, the Lanterns fight back with all their might but find themselves out gunned. Meanwhile, back on Mogo the Guardians are puzzled about what could possibly have killed Kada-Sal and so mortally wounded Lantern Stewart?

Above all else though, a creeping evil entity has somehow embedded itself into Baz’s ring and is giving him false orders, who is this evil force and how did he get inside the ring!?

Ravagers vs Lanterns - panel 1
Ravagers vs Lanterns - panel 2


Green Lanterns #52 is an intense, action-packed issue! We get to see the Lanterns fending off an entire fleet of 1,200 Ravager Ships but they aren’t enough! Jurgen’s writing creates a tense battle scene while Gardner being making orders. Using Santucci’s great visuals progresses the narrative in the battle, especially with Baz’s actions in the issue, while the dialog brings a sense of hope from the veteran lantern. Due to the dissonant actions of Baz with his orders, and the perspective we get focusing on Gardner the creative team steps up to provide readers with a powerful opening battle scene which bleeds anxious energy into the remaining sense of espionage like warfare.

Jurgen’s continual increasing of the stakes via bigger and stronger enemies as well as the dark infestation of Baz’s ring keeps the story interesting while also presenting a believable enemy that will challenge the greatest lanterns the Corp has known.

Jessica on a rampage
Evil Within


Marco Santucci’s interpretations of Baz and Kilowog look off. Baz’s mask and head look disproportionate, either too tall or the green piece over his eyes looks very large. Kilowog’s face also looks like gum due to the colors used and the illustration of his features.



Green Lanterns #52 is a story fit for the likes of Star Wars or Mission: Impossible, with large battles and espionage. Be sure to pick this issue up and enjoy!


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