‘Justice League Odyssey’ Delayed Until Fall

by Cameron Tevis
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Though it was originally set to be released July 11th as well as be the second Justice League team book of three, Justice League Odyssey has been delayed and its new release date is in September. This puts its release after Justice League Dark which was originally to be the third and final team book.

The three titles were to follow the events of the weekly mini-series, Justice League: No Justice. Justice League Odyssey is a team led by Cyborg and consists of Jessica Cruz, Starfire, Azrael, and even the evil ruler of Apokolips, Darkseid.

The new series is written by Joshua Williamson and illustrated by Stjepan Sejic


art and cover by STJEPAN SEJIC

Spinning out of JUSTICE LEAGUE: NO JUSTICE! When a cosmic menace threatens worlds beyond our own in the Ghost Sector, it falls to a new Justice League team to answer the call to battle! Cyborg, Starfire, Green Lantern Jessica Cruz and an out-of-his-element Azrael head to deep space inside a commandeered Brainiac Skull Ship. But as these wildcard teammates try to stop Despero from slave-trading Coluan refugees, they discover something that nothing in the universe could have prepared them for: Darkseid…who says he’s there to help?!   ON SALE 08.29.18


art and enhanced foil cover by STJEPAN SEJIC

Cyborg, Starfire, Green Lantern Jessica Cruz and Azrael debate whether so-called “God of Evil” Darkseid should have joined the team. (Too late—that evil horse has left the barn!) But before the team can resolve this conflict, they’re forced into action when Vril Dox takes an interest in the Coluan refugees, attacking their ship with a new Manhunter army of his own creation. ’Cuz more violence is always the answer!  ON SALE 10.24.18

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