Despite the famous comic book storyline, ‘Death in the Family’ and despite fan speculation, Snyder has confirmed that the Robin that was murdered by the Joker was not Jason Todd.

Snyder took to the social media platform, Vero and said one word: Richard.

But it didn’t end there. Another fan asked if Richard was always meant to stay dead or was he to appear after Flashpoint.

Snyder replied with:

Stay dead… till Carrie

Comic book readers will know that Carrie Kelley is the young girl that took over the mantle of Robin in the famous graphic novel The Dark Knight Returns by Frank Miller.

We will never get to see Zack Snyder’s full vision realized, but I, for one, have loved pretty much everything I’ve heard that was supposed to be in the film, until this. I’m a diehard Dick Grayson fan and would’ve had a hard time with this choice.  What do you think of this bit of news? Sound off in the comments below.

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