The changes inside DC Films have been numerous, and things have been moving very fast.  From the removal of Zack Snyder to the formation of a second movie studio to a more in-depth approach to the DC characters, nothing stayed the same over at Warner Bros.

One major change was the exit of Geoff Johns as Head of DC Films. Geoff Johns is a big name over at DC and in the world of comics, so his departure from the role was a bit of a big deal.  Johns recently sat down with Collider during San Diego: Comic-Con to discuss some of the changes and upcoming projects at DC Films.

In his interview, Johns talked about his love for DC Comics and his love for the characters and is excited to be writing for DC Comics and DC Films again instead of sitting in meetings and making overwhelming decisions.

Johns agreed that another solo Superman movie is needed from Warner Bros/DC Films and stated that the Richard Donner Superman films from the 80s are a major inspiration for his career in writing and comics. Johns also talked about how the message of inspiration and hope that was reflected from the Donner films helped him and Patty Jenkins write the first Wonder Woman film.  Johns said that the next Superman film needs to go back to the message of hope and promise that embodies the true spirit of Superman.

When asked if Wonder Woman ’84 was always the title for the second installment in the Wonder Woman franchise he said that the studio “kicked around” some ideas for the title of the movie but agreed that since the second Wonder Woman film is a period piece, 1984 had to be expressed in the title.  Johns referred to Patty Jenkins as the “Richard Donner” of the Wonder Woman franchise.

The big question and answer came when the future of the Green Lantern Corps movie came up.  Johns spoke about reexamining the characters and stated that the characters would be revamped but must stay true to the core of each member of the Green Lantern Universe.

“We have to get the story perfect. We have to get the story right.”

For more from Geoff Johns at San Diego: Comic-Con, watch the video above

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