Nobody likes boring, nobody.  Watching paint dry, watching grass grow, golf; boring is no fun.  On the list of boring has to be airline safety videos.  Overly happy “flight attendants” explaining how to use your seat cushion as a flotation device or buckling your seatbelt, BORING! Well, Turkish Airlines has the cure for that in hopes to get people to pay better attention to in-flight safety: Lego characters.

Upping their game from the Manchester United football team, Turkish Airlines has employed the help of the cast of The Lego Movie to engage passengers and explain airline safety in case of an emergency.  The movie stars Emmit and Wyldstyle, who are both between film projects at the moment.  Also staring in the safety video are the DC Lego characters such as Batman, Robin, Joker, Wonder Woman, Flash, Batgirl, Green Lantern, and Superman, who help point out the emergency exits using his (Superman) power of flight and a bat-signal “No Smoking” sign and a big song and dance number to wrap up the video.

Turkish Airlines have succeeded with The Lego Movie themed safety video.  The script is very funny, delivering the dry humor that made the previous Lego films very popular with people of all ages.  Turkish Airlines proves that even the blandest safety matter, like buckling a seat belt, can be fun and that everything is better with Lego.

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