“Supergirl” Film Coming To The DCEU

by Christian Ruiz
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The DCEU just got a little bigger with the girl in blue flying our way!

Early reports are saying Supergirl is getting her own film within the DC film-verse with and that Oren Uziel has been tapped as a scriptwriter for the project. No director, producer, or star has been announced, but fans are already speculating on the magnitude of Superman’s cousin joining the fold.

Perhaps the biggest questions fans are asking is if the film will actually take place within the same universe of Justice League. While fans point to Supergirl’s existence all the way back to Man of Steel and its prequel comic, DC has begun to spin off films that are no longer connected to the main universe of films, most notably the upcoming Joker origin film.

Fans are beginning to theorize if this new film may be used as a catalyst to recast Henry Cavill’s Superman, The actor has had a long stint as the character, but reports say he is hesitant to return.

Supergirl is currently gracing the small screen in Melissa Benoist’s CW show, while it’s unclear what will happen to her role or show, The Flash continues not skipping a beat even with Ezra Miller’s solo film filming soon.

If nothing else, the news revitalizes a DCEU with the new buzz on what could come next and the endless possibilities. Joss Whedon’s short-lived Batgirl project was meant to be a female-driven powerhouse story to showcase the great feminine side of DC Comics; Supergirl can now take that task and run with it.

Whom would you like to see cast as Krypton’s wonder? Whom would you like to direct? Would you like to see Henry Cavill portraying Superman in the film?

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