Liam Sharp Talks About Working With Grant Morrison On Upcoming Green Lantern Book

About a year ago at last year’s San Diego Comic Con, during the ‘Meet The Publishers’ panel, co-publishers Dan Didio and Jim Lee were joined, much to the surprise of the fans attending, by famed writer Grant Morrison. At the time they did not mention what Morrison would be working on for DC but in the last few months, we have finally learned about what he will be writing: the relaunch of Green Lantern with Hal Jordan front and center.

Grant Morrison will be working on an upcoming run on Green Lantern that is set to relaunch this November. Morrison will be joined by notable artist Liam Sharp, who recently wrapped up an impressive run on the Wonder Woman title. According to Sharp, this collaboration seems like the universe was ‘conspiring’ to have them work together after having known each other for a few decades now.

Flash forward to 2018 San Diego Comic Con, and you’ll find Sharp talking about how it all came together. Newsarama got an opportunity to interview Sharp about this upcoming collaboration and revealed a few details about how the pair got to know each other and geek out at the Wonder Woman movie premiere. Sharp was asked about what it was like when DC approached both Morrison and him to work on this project and he had this to say:

We started talking about doing some project together, but we had no idea what. Then Dan DiDio[DC Comics co-publisher] ran this whole Green Lantern idea past Grant, and Grant was like, “Oh man, I really didn’t want to do anything mainstream…” But the idea was like an earworm in his head and he just couldn’t stop thinking about it.

And then Dan phoned me up and said, “This is a bit out of left field, but how would you feel about Green Lantern with Grant?” And I was like … well, it’s done. It’s a done deal. It’s got to happen. Of course. How can I say no? It’s like it was meant to happen. So yeah, it’s a bit of a roundabout story, but that’s what brought us two together.

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