Review: The Immortal Men #5

by Seth Singleton
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[Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers]

Writer: James T Tynion IV

Artist: Tyler Kirkham

Colors: Arif Prianto

Letters: Carlos M. Mangual



The Immortal Men are leaderless. They have limped back home to The Campus, where the bodies of their family are still decomposing. The Infinite Woman has given them 24 hours to regroup and make a choice, to either join the House of Conquest or die. And, Caden Park, who used to visit this place in his dreams, was the last one to hold the dying Immortal Man and hear his final words, even though he swears nothing was spoken. Does Caden hold the answer to The Immortal Men’s future?



Returning to The Campus is a great moment to see the heart of the team. Timber grows to her largest height and digs a massive grave. The panel when Caden is off-center watching teammates spill from her hands into the ground is touching.


Ghost Fist looks super cool when he is not all green and glowing. I love the classic black mask and suit. 

Roderick Clay in the DIY Bear shop is a really fun break in the dramatic tension. When he talks about asking for a goopy-eyed blue gator last time he was in the shop it made me chuckle.


The Blood Mask is a great new introduction. It is a concept that is similar to the methods that The Infinite Woman is trying to use with the blood. It contains the abilities of generations of immortals. There is limitless potential here for future stories and this means we can learn how it works through the actions of novice Caden.

Caden’s accidental activation of a hidden chamber reminds me of the desire that so many characters and readers share; finding a secret passage or a hidden room. It also introduces Communion, who believes she is dead, but somehow can interact with Caden, unlike the numerous spirits that fly through the air around him.


Communion spent three years watching Caden for the Immortal Man and programmed his dreams of The Campus. She also tells him that he is the contingency plan. The Immortal Man planned to overwrite Caden’s consciousness because the fate of the world can’t be left up to a teenage boy. 

Reload is still alive and on the run. It is the sixth time that he is attempting escape and The Infinite Woman has had just about enough. But, before she can act, Caden and the Infinite Men charge in with a message that the Infinite War Ends today.



I love the make-a-cool-statement scene that Caden uses to spur them into taking a final stand, but when his hands are glowing, I don’t know why, and it does not make much sense. I know that it is a display of power, but without understanding what it means, it felt forced. 

I’m a little confused about Timber’s ax. It’s really not the kind of thing I usually dwell on, but can’t stop wondering how it grows in size with her. Is it the reason she can change size? Or was it part of the moment when she changed shape and that is why it changes size with her? 

Why is the Batman Who Laughs hiding in the shadows? Not even the tiniest peep this issue. Are we supposed to forget that he is lurking off-stage?



We are starting to see Caden’s purpose on the team. It’s a change from the original plan, but most stories prefer to play that card because it makes everything unpredictable for the heroes and the villains. I like the move and the development, but it will work best when the details play a key role and avoid gratuity. We all know things can slip through the cracks, but for this book to survive its infancy, it would be better to catch them now rather than later.


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