The upcoming DC Universe original series Doom Patrol has cast The First Purge actor, Joivan Wade to play Vic Stone, the half-man, half-machine superhero known as Cyborg.

In the comics, Cyborg has been a member of both the Teen Titans and, since the New 52, the Justice League. He has appeared on the animated series, Teen Titans as a member as well as the DC animated films as a member of the Justice League. Most recently, he was portrayed by actor Ray Fisher in the live action film, Justice League.

It is rumored he will start in Doom Patrol, but by the second season he will make a move over to the DC Universe original series Titans.

Jeremy Carver acts as the series showrunner with Geoff Johns and Sarah Schechter serving as producers while Greg Berlanti serves as Executive Producer.

What this means for a Cyborg feature film starring Ray Fisher remains to be seen. But both Ray Fisher and actor Joe Morton (Silas Stone, Cyborg’s father) have mentioned that a Cyborg solo film is still a possibilty.

In the meantime, audiences will be able to watch Cyborg on Doom Patrol, premiering on DC’s new streaming service, DC Universe.

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