NYT Releases Their ‘History Of Comic Books’

Faster than a speeding bullet, travel to the universe of superheroes, archenemies and amazing adventures with The New York Times anthology, “History of Comic Books.” Packed with 160 pages of Times coverage of comic books, this coffee table book follows the exploits of your favorite superheroes and chronicles the writers and artists who brought them to life. Includes an introduction by George Gustines, a Times senior editor who has been writing about the comic book industry since 2002.

The Times has been writing about comic book heroes since November 1940, when an 80-foot-tall Superman balloon dazzled crowds at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade (“Waves of murmured astonishment, screams and squeals of delight washed own the long lines… as Superman came over the horizon“). Since the early days of Superman and fellow caped crusader Batman, the comic book industry has evolved and exploded.

“History of Comic Books” is their largest 12″ x 15″ theme book ever, containing Times features, profiles, reviews and magazine articles, plus 28 obituaries of key stars and comic book creators. It is bursting with Times reprinted pages about superheroes on the big screen, on TV and even on Broadway. Comes with optional personalization on the cover. An epic gift for movie fans and comic book lovers from Metropolis to Gotham City. Made in the U.S.A.

You can order your copy HERE.