More Context Of Mark Wahlberg’s DCEU-Connected Photo Revealed

by Jeff Testanero
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The DCEU is always full of rumors.  This actor signed on to play this character; this actor is leaving the role of this character and so on…well this article is no different.

Charles Roven has been involved in almost every DC film since Batman Begins but has seen less production work since the negative critical backlash to Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice but had some ideas for the role of Hal Jordan aka Green Lantern; Roven’s choice? Mark Wahlberg. Now we have more context to that photo Mark Wahlberg posted.

This rumor likely hit back when Green Lantern Corps had a 2020 release date and until the big “shake up” at Warner Bros. and Geoff Johns took over the Green Lantern Corps scriptwriting from David Goyer.

Whoever ends up wearing the green ring of willpower, rumor now is that it’s going to be Tom Cruise, will have a big role to fill.

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