New Arrowverse Trailer Revealed – Superhero’s Fight Back

by Rob Towsey
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The DC superheros are ready to fight back in the latest trailer release for 2018-2019 seasons of the CW’s Superhero shows.

Oliver queen is behind bars and badly beaten, Tyler Hoechlin’s Superman will return, and we’ll be introduced to Lois Lane. Of course, we’ve all heard the news that Ruby Rose will be making her debut as Batwoman in the 2018 crossover event which could potentially lead to her headlining her very own series.

With the new season approaching many first looks have come out, notably Barry Allan’s new Flash suit, which is far more comic accurate than the previous costumes. This is in line with what Stephen Amell has been vocal about when it comes to the new look on Arrow.

The new trailer comes direct from the CW’s YouTube page, with a little over a month to go there’s plenty to dissect and get excited about.

There’s a lot crammed into this trailer with a quick shot of unicorn which can only belong to Legends of Tomorrow, which looks to have a focus on magic for its fourth season. We also see a more aggressive Kara in Supergirl, possibly inspired by Superman: Red Son. We also get a good look and Barry’s more comic accurate suit.

There is a lot of Black Lightening in there, technically not a part of the Arrowverse but based on the tone of the trailer its easy to see why this has been included.

Arrow appears not be shying away from the harsh realities of Oliver being incarcerated and it appears from the trailer that Oliver won’t be the only Arrow character suffering. Mrs Queen herself, Felicity can be seen with serious facial wounds while advising Oliver to “Fight back.” It certainly looks as though the upcoming season of Arrow won’t be holding back.

The Arrowverse will begin with The Flash season 5 on October 9, followed by Black Lightning season 2 on October 9, Supergirl season 4 on October 14, Arrow season 7 on October 15, and Legends of Tomorrow season 4 on October 22.

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