[Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers]

Writer: Tom Taylor

Art: Xermanico

Colors: J. Nanjan

Letters: Wes Abbott



The nice thing about having the entire DC Universe as your playground is that there never ceases to be a surprise…and often they put a huge smile upon the readers face.  While providing some sadness, there is at least one broad-faced grin moment for fans of the future DC Universe in this issue.

In deep space, Conner Kent (Superboy) and Cassandra Sandsmark (Wonder Girl) struggle against Brainiac’s robots.  Unsuccessfully….  However, this is Braniac (Prime?) he has some questions about Superboy’s choice of wardrobe, particularly the Kryptonian symbol on his chest that Earthlings see as an S, as in Superman.  Brainiac doesn’t get much out of Conner and he and Cassie end up being released into the void of space without any life support.  While their strong bodies can survive for a while, the lack of oxygen will catch up with them first.  However, they have a surprise visit from the teen super-heroes of the 30/31st Century- the Legion of Super-Heroes!  (Insert broad-faced grin here.)  However, that’s not the only surprise…an alternate timeline Booster Gold has lead the Legion to this spot, and he announces there’s one more stop to make in this time period.

Meanwhile, above Oa, the remnants of the Green Lantern Corps,  under the leadership of Hal Jordan, successfully defend their world against the Red Lanterns.  Hal’s hallucination of Guy Gardner reminds him that this isn’t redemption, simply the day before tomorrow.

In another part of space, this timeline’s Booster Gold and Jaime Reyes, the Blue Beetle, have a conversation about how the Scarab defeated Starro in the past.  The Scarab reveals the story to Jaime, indicating that it will most likely result in the death of Jaime.  And, the Scarab doesn’t want to lose Jaime.  Jaime keeps quite about the details and takes off to face Starro, leaving Booster to follow.  The Scarab does it’s things, exposing Jaime and forces Booster to be a real hero.  Booster gives up his oxygen tank and orders Skeets to take Jaime back to safety.  Just before Booster succumbs to the vacuum of space, the alternate timeline Booster arrives with Ted (Blue Beetle) Kord so he can share the end with Booster, just as Booster was there at the end for Ted.  (Insert a grin and a tear.)

On Oa, Jaime is greeted by Hal and the remaining Green Lanterns.  Despite the defeat of Starro, it just doesn’t feel like a victory, despite Hal’s proclamation, “We won.”


This issue is an emotional roller coaster ride.  And, it’s a good thing.  The world of Injustice already occupies a different historical landscape than any DC Universe we know.  However, the appearance of well-loved characters is always a treat in this type of alternate universe story.  The Legion of Super-Heroes is the latest in a long line of familiar characters to appear and provide a bit of hope for the future of this world as they take Conner and Cassie with them.

The Blue and the Gold come full circle as Booster finds the true hero in himself.  But, what’s the story on this “other” Booster Gold, who seems a little wiser than the one we’re used to.

Finally, despite wanting to see Hal gain redemption, his conscience knows that he’s beyond that at this point and all he can do is do the right thing tomorrow.


What a great issue!



The team keeps bringing their A-game as the surprises don’t stop.  The story keeps pushing further and further and it continues to make a deep emotional connection.  While there’s not redemption in Hal Jordan in sight, it is inspiring to see him try and do the right thing, just as Booster proves he’s been a hero all along.  There’s still hope in this universe, as evidenced by those trying to do the right thing as well as the appearance by the teens from the future who have always symbolized hope- the Legion of Super-Heroes.


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