Review: The Unexpected #4

by Ari Bard
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[Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers]

Storytellers: Yvel Guichet,Cary Nord & Scott Hannah, and Steve Orlando

Colors: Jeromy Cox

Letters: Carlos M. Mangual



Firebrand and Neon the Unknown travel to Gotham to learn more about this Nth metal isotope and what they’re up against, but Huntress won’t let two questionable individuals with an unstable weapon just waltz into her city!



The art in this book continues to be super cool in unique.  We definitely got to see more of Firebrand’s fiery side during this issue, and I love the brilliant reds that were shown in the artwork.  The paneling, once again, seemed very intentional, and each frame shows a different angle without revealing the whole picture until the storytellers truly want to.

I also love how Orlando and Nord are not afraid to pull underutilized ideas into their narratives.  The Bat Cove, Huntress, and the Signal were all not really being used, so it was great to see them being used here.  Orlando is able to make connections between different characters and stories like no other writer that I know, so a book like this is always very exciting to me.


I love the connections and using underutilized elements of the DC Universe, but there has to be a sufficient reason to use those specific elements.  It made sense for Signal to be there because his unique photo-kinetic vision. It also made sense for the Bat Cove to be used since it is a rarely-used location that would not compromise anyone and could be used for potentially untrustworthy individuals.  It did not, however, really make sense for Huntress to be there.  There us no unique reason why Huntress or the Birds of Prey needed to address the situation as opposed to any other vigilante in Gotham.  Things like that just frustrate me sometimes.



I love where the story is going and I hope it builds up to something soon.  Orlando always has a plan, and luckily, Hawkman’s presence in next issue is a lot more warranted.


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