Doom Patrol Character Breakdowns May Hint At Negative Man’s Wife

by Brad Filicky
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That Hastag Show has revealed some casting call info for the live action Doom Patrol set to debut on DC’s streaming service in the near future. Here are the details:

John Bowers – A male of any ethnicity in his early 30s. A blue-collar ground crew chief for the Air Force, Bowers was a witness to a horrible accident during testing. Has a romantic relationship with another male.

Sheryl Trainor – A woman in her 30s who is definitely related to Larry. A distant woman with two children who is now living with the fact that her husband died in a plane crash.

Von Fuchs – A Caucasian German in his 40s-60s who used to be a Nazi. Know as Paraguay’s village cobbler, he is secretly a scientist involved with conducting experiments. He has a noticeable German accent.

Could Sheryl Trainor be Negative Man’s wife? Those of you who know of the character’s origin know that Larry Trainor was a pilot who was exposed to a lethal level of radiation during a test flight, rendering his entire body radioactive and requiring that he clothe himself in lead-lined bandages to protect those around him. The accident also left Trainor with the strange power to release a sort of anti-matter ghost – a “Negative Man” – from his body for up to 60 seconds at a time, during which the spirit could pass through solid objects and create small explosions. Now granted, he did not have a wife in the comics but it does seem a strong possibility that the Sheryl Trainor character will be his Mrs., especially considering that she is “now living with the fact that her husband died in a plane crash”. Doom Patrol doesn’t have a set release date yet, so it may be a bit before we have any answers to these questions.

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