Who Is Lex Luthor Hiding? Scott Snyder Explains

by Jeff Testanero
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SPOILER ALERT! If you don’t want to know what’s going on in Justice League, you may want to stop reading.


Scott Snyder’s Justice League has been awesome and Justice League #7 just made it more amazing.

This week’s conclusion to Justice League #7 revealed that Lex Luthor has a surprise in the dungeon underneath the Hall of Doom.  What does Luthor have hidden? Only The Batman Who Laughs!

What does this mean for Luthor’s masterplan? How does this tie-in with the upcoming The Batman Who Laughs limited series that Scott Snyder is creating? Well, Snyder shared some answers.

“Lex understands how key the Batman Who Laughs is to this whole store of the multiverse, because he’s one of the few figures that, having been sort of a conqueror and the great super villain of the Dark Multiverse, has seen many, many versions of how this whole thing could play out, given people’s worst fears and highness hopes.  So he’s an extremely powerful character to the story.  What we’re going to do in The Batman Who Laughs in December is relatively self-standing, but if you want to know how he gets out and what sets up everything that’s going to happen in that series, it begins in Justice League #7.  He’s actually the focus of Justice League #8, the “Legion of Doom” issue.  The issue really focuses on a conversation between him and Lex Luthor.  It raises the stakes of the whole series tremendously.”

What does the ultimate horror of the Batman/Joker hybrid mean for the future of the Justice League and the Legion of Doom? We will find out in Justice League #8, and it will be nothing short of amazing.

The Batman Who Laughs #1 hits stores on December 21st.

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