New ‘Batman v Superman’ Warehouse Fight Scene Video Footage Released

by Jeff Testanero
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No matter what your opinion about Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is, you can’t deny that the warehouse fight scene isn’t epic. Now, behind-the-scenes footage has been released that makes the scene even more epic.


Stunt coordinator and second unit director, Damon Caro, shared exclusive behind-the-scenes video of this scene.  The scene was title “Martha Rescue,” and Caro said it was the very first scene shot for the movie.  The scene posted below is “stunt-viz” which is a rough version of the scene, complete with visual effects to give everyone involved a chance to rehearse and to understand what the final version will look like on the movie screen.

As you see in the side-by-side video, it’s practically identical to what the audience ended up seeing on the big screen.

Martha Rescue Scene Stunt-Viz Credits

Director, Action Designer: Damon Caro

Stunt Coordinator: Tim Rigby

Co-designers and Camera: Ryan Watson, Wayne Dalglish, and Gillermo Grispo

Riggers: Shawn Kaults, Steve Upton, Jimmy Hart, Shawn Robinson

Performers: Rich Cetrone (Ben Affleck’s Stunt Double), Matt Rugette, Allen Jo, Lateef Crowder, Paul Darnell, Victor Lopez, Mike Justus, Justin Williams, Jake Swallow, Sam Rocc, Ryan Watson, Albert Valladares, Freddy Boucieges, Wayne Dalglish, Guillermo Grispo

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