Review: Supergirl #22

by Danny Saab
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[Editor’s note: This review may contain spoilers]

Writer: Marc Andreyko

Artists: Kevin Maguire, Sean Parsons

Colors: Fco Plascencia

Letters: Tom Napolitano



Who murdered Krypton? Supergirl and Krypto rocket into space, en route to the Green Lantern world of Mogo, where she hopes to find clues about Rogol Zaar and his connection to the destruction of Krypton. Instead, she finds whispers and cover-ups. What are the GLs hiding? And will they go from Green to Red when they find out she’s in possession of Zaar’s weapon of war? (Hint: yes!)

Review: Supergirl #22


Although this issue itself didn’t particularly grab me, I found the relationship between Kara and Krypto to be the real gem of the story. Andreyko does a great job at not only building a relationship between Kara and Krypto, but showcasing Krypto as a supporting character in this series, and this has been it’s saving grace thus far.

Review: Supergirl #22


This most recent issue seemed to be much flatter and blander than the previous one. There wasn’t any new information that we already didn’t know about The Circle, except that Kara seems to have stumbled onto that secret by accident at the end. The rest of the issue dealt with Kara getting to Mogo, and then into the archives. There was no battle or action really in this issue unless you count Rogol Zaar’s axe going all destructive. Normally, if there’s no action or fight scenes, you’d expect the story to progress in some way. Since Andreyko told us about The Circle in the previous issue, there really wasn’t much that was new, except for the axe as mentioned before. This made for a very dull story.

The cover of this issue shows Kara over a few downed Green Lanterns after she just took them out. As mentioned before, no such battle happened. Comic book covers should give a taste of what happened in the issue, not things that didn’t. If you get the chance, grab the variant by Amanda Connor and Paul Mounts. It has more to do with the actual story, and looks great! You can see it for yourself below.

Review: Supergirl #22

Just like in the previous issue, the art just wasn’t all that great. There were no real facial features, and the lines looked boring and colourless. Krypto was probably the best drawn in this issue.



Not a very strong story, and the artwork could be better, but the relationship between Kara and Krypto may keep readers interested, as well as finding more about The Circle in the coming months.


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