Former ‘Constantine’ Producer Reveals Who Was Planned to Appear

by Kevin Sharp
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Though Constantine lasted only one season on NBC, the producers of the cult favourite show had big plans for another DC character to appear.

Mark Verheiden, former Constantine producer and current show runner for the DC Universe’s upcoming Swamp Thing series, sat down with Discussing Film to talk about his former show. One topic was a certain green-and-white avenging spirit:

“I believe we had already set up The Spectre in the series, so we definitely had plans to go forward and introduce more DC Universe characters from the dark world, but trying to remember exactly who now. Obviously, we had Papa Midnite, we had the Spectre. We had characters from the Constantine series that we brought in… I can’t remember specifically off the top of my head now if we had any specific plans on any specific large-scale DC Dark type characters, I do know we had more plans for the Spectre.”

Listen to Verheiden’s entire interview HERE.

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