NYCC 2018: Vertigo Shares Info On New Books

by Brad Filicky
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Vertigo once again returned with a panel at NYCC 2018. Appearing on the panel to talk about their upcoming projects were Dan Watters (Lucifer), Kat Howard (Books of Magic), Ben Blacker (Hex Wives), Zoe Quinn (Goddess Mode), Rob Sheridan (Goddess Mode) and Tina Horn (Safe Sex). 

Here’s a rundown of the new books!

Lucifer – Out 10/17

Written by Dan Watters with art by Max Fiumara and Sebastian Fiumara and cover by Jock

We see a Lucifer we haven’t seen before – rock bottom, blind and in hell. Watters also a promises a focus on horror


Books of Magic – Out 10/24

Written Kat Howard with art by Tom Fowler and cover by Kai Carpenter

Kat Howard said she plans on exploring how Tim Hunter deals with everyday pressures of being a teenager while at the same time knowing he could either be the world’s greatest magician or its destroyer.


Of course we’ve known about those books for a while, but what about books outside the Sandman universe?


Hexwives – Out Halloween

Written by Ben Blacker with art by Mirka Andolfo and Marissa Louise and cover by Joelle Jones and Jordie Bellaire

According to Ben Blocker he wrote Hexwives as a way to deal with his anger at the state of the world. It is the story of a group of women who don’t realize they are witches because their husbands kept it from them. What happens when they find out?


Goddess Mode – Out 12/12

Written by Zoe Quinn with art by Robbi Rodriguez and Rico Renzi and cover by Robbi Rodriguez

Zoe Quinn describes the book as a “magic meets cyperpunk with trash goblin characters” – Who could resist trash goblins?


High Level – Out Feb

Written by Rob Sheridan with art by Barnaby Bagenda and Romulo Fajardo and cover by Guillaume Ospital

Rob Sheridan ands wife were going through some rough times when he came up with the idea of a road trip adventure story set in “post-post apocalyptic” world where people are trying to build up from the ashes of the American empire.


Safe Sex – Out early 2019

Written by Tina Horn with art by Mike Dowling cover by Tula Lotay

Tina Horn gathered from her experience to tell the story of a group of “sex rebels” known as the dirty mind and explores themes of how oppressed and marginalized groups do the work of the oppressor.


These new books have breathed a new life into the imprint and show an impressive diversity of characters and experiences. In a time when more voices are yelling to heard equally yet our governments seem to be taking a step toward tyranny, Vertigo very well may be the tip of the spear driving the comics medium to be at the forefront of the challenges of culture in the 21st century.



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