Lobo Rides into “Krypton” Season 2

by Jay
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“The Main Man” of the DC Universe finally makes his live-action debut as part of The Man of Steel’s history.

The second season of the Superman prequel series Krypton on ScyFy will bring into its fold the infamous Xarnian bounty hunter Lobo, portrayed by The Fall’s Emmett J. Scanlan. As to how the badass biker from outer space will fit into the status quo set in the season finale – General Zod (Colin Salmon) in control of Krypton, changing history in the process, and Seg El (Cameron Cuffe) trapped in the Phantom Zone with Brainiac – remains to be seen. However a character description explains that he is one that will “keep coming until the job is done.” Further, Lobo is a man of honor, adhering to a contract “[although] he might disregard from its spirit from time to time.”

Created in 1983’s The Omega Men, Lobo and his flying hog has been shopped around as a property for film companies for years. However, in the meantime, he has made the rounds in several comics – more recently a contracted member of Batman’s Justice League of America – and animated treatments such as in Superman: The Animated Series, Justice League (both voiced by Everybody Loves Raymond alum Brad Garrett), Young Justice and Justice League: Action.

There is no official date as of yet for the second season start of Krypton.

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