Review: Green Lanterns #56

by Konrad Secord-Reitz
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[Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers]

Writer: Dan Jurgens

Artists: Mike Perkins & Hi-Fi



Henshaw, the Cyborg Superman, with the power of the phantom ring has taken over Mogo and with Eon and the Ravagers on the surface the lanterns are helpless. Henshaw and Eon have captured the remaining Corps members in an energy field with their batteries depleted or taken over.

While the lanterns struggle in their bondage, Baz realizes exactly how bad the situation is. With the Phantom Ring Henshaw not only has found a way to release himself but he has even found a way to control the other rings. While Hal and Cruz attempt to resist, Henshaw demonstrates his power by having Jessica strike Hal for his efforts.

With some quick thinking Baz realizes what must be done. Regrouping, Baz starts an assault with an old friend with a low tech solution that upsets the tides of the conflict and might very well be the Corps last hope.



This issue builds tension in such a wonderfully classic pop-culture way, with the villain grandstanding and taunting his helpless captors while a resistance forms unbeknownst to him. Jurgens plays up this melodramatic issue with big showboating characters and hints of monologue. Through the issue as the battle sways, Mogo itself fights back to punctuate just how important it is that the Lanterns win and their fighting spirit, even under such distress.

Perkins art is spectacular in this issue, especially in scenes in which the lanterns must fight without their rings. His use of black shadows during combat scenes adds to the intensity of the details in a powerful way.



There are not negatives to discuss in this issue. It hit all the points it needed to and built up the arc and series conclusion in a wonderfully way to prevent loose ends.



Green Lanterns #56 is a great issue which demonstrates the power of the Corp beyond their rings.


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