Tom King Talks Heroes In Crisis, Mister Miracle At NYCC

by Brad Filicky
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Tom  King had a spotlight panel at New York Comic Con. He was joined by artist Mitch Gerads. Both spoke about Heroes in Crisis and what readers can expect in the coming issuesTom King briefly recapped what is in store for Heroes in Crisis: “shit happens in it, it’s sad, people die, but the lettering is great and art is beautiful.”

They were slightly more forthcoming when it comes to Mister Miracle. Tom talked Mister Miracle winning best series at Baltimore Comic Con’s Ringo Awards and Gerads winning best artist at the Eisner Awards for the series. King also announced that the upcoming 12th issue of the series will finish Gerads and his take on the New Gods and show Jack Kirby’s plan for the Fourth World.

If all that wasn’t; enough he talked Batman’s wedding and how it changed Bruce Wayne by denying him a chance of happiness. Oh and Booster Gold/Blue Beetle team up is in the works!

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