DC Nation Panel NYCC 2018

by Brad Filicky
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The DC Nation panel at NYCC is free form shenanigans where fans have unprecedented access to creators and editors. This year’s panel was lead by DC Co-Publisher Dan Didio with Adam Glass, Robert Venditti, Josh Williamson, Keith Giffen, and Emanuela Lupacchino serving as panelists. As Dan Didio put it, “The whole purpose of DC Nation is to be interactive and find out what you’re enjoying. And the best part about doing it on Sunday… is you’re all exhausted and hopefully you’ll take it easy on us.” Less than a formal panel it is more an open forum for fans to ask questions and give input on story ideas, etc. It also gives the panelists an arena to let their hair down (Dan Didio really doesn’t like Nightwing). There wasn’t a lot of hard news or sneak previews, but there was a lot of love and reminiscing. “What was the first comic you ever read?” Dan asked the crowd. Knew may answer immediately – GI Joe #9. At the heart the DC Nation panel is creators and fans talking about something they love, informal and from the heart.

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