Bendis Gives Details On New DC Comic Imprint Wonder Comics At NYCC

by Brad Filicky
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Brian Micheal Bendis hosted his own spotlight panel at this year’s New York Comic-con. He was joined by Michael Gaydos, Alex Maleev, Patrick Gleason, David Walker, Jamal Campbell, Mark Russel, Stephen Byrne, Joe Quinones with a special quick FaceTime with Sam Humphries. They talked Scarlet and Pearl, but the biggest news was the announcement of Wonder Comics, a new DC imprint line of comics run by Bendis focusing on younger characters. Heres a breakdown of what is coming.


Young Justice – Out Jan. 9 with art by Patrick Gleason

With the show coming back thanks to DC’s streaming service it makes sense for the team to return to comic shops. Many new characters are on tap for the series including new-to-the-team hero Amethyst of Gemworld. “Everytime a Crisis happens in the DC Universe, something weird happens in Gemworld, and now they know whose fault it is.” Also new to the team is Jenny Hex, a descendant of Jonah Hex and a “green lantern hacker” who has hacked the power battery powering Green Lantern’s rings. Jenny Hex will make her debut in Batman Giant #4, which was out Oct. 7.


Naomi – Out Jan. 23 with art by Jamal Campbell and co-written with David Walker

Naomi tells the story of a young woman of color who’s growing up in an all-white town who begins to look into her own pre-adoption past to discover a secret that will introduce a whole new mythology to the DC Universe with ripple effects will be felt across the DC Universe.


Dial H For Hero – Out March 2019 with art by Joe Quinones and written by Sam Humphries

This reboot will bring focus on new dial owner Miguel and will be drawn in various styles depending on the power that gets dialed up. From contemporary styles to retro 90’s and beyond, this book seems perfect for Joe Quinones versatile style.


Wonder Twins – Out Feb. 2019 with art by Stephen Byrne and written by Mark Russel

This series will show the iconic twins dealing with the one of the most traumatic experiences in life. High school.


Looks like Bendis has a very busy year coming up!

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