Scott Snyder Discusses ‘Drowned Earth’, Batman Who Laughs, and More

by Kevin Sharp
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Writer Scott Snyder sat for a wide-ranging chat with Newsarama at New York Comic Con, where he discussed all things Justice League as well as the upcoming Batman Who Laughs miniseries.

On his overall vision for Justice League:

“The whole point of [the series] is to be both inclusive and additive and build something really special over the course of 50 issues. The seven forces that the Legion of Doom are unlocking, the figure that secretly inside the Totality — who may or may not be the mother of celestial beings such as the Anti-Monitor — and so on, everything is part of one meta-story that we started building on Metal, and what I really want people to feel going forward is rewarded for their support.”

On the upcoming “Drowned Earth” storyline, in which the angry sea gods descend upon Earth:

“It’s a space pirate epic. There are space krakens in it. There are flying pirate ships with laser guns and jet engines. Aquaman essentially goes to the Great Blood Reef at the edge of space and learns the nature of his own powers, comes back sailing on a ship with a robotic parrot. It is an out-of-control space aquatic epic… I love it.”

Scott Snyder Drowned Earth dc comics news

On the Batman Who Laughs, which will mark Snyder’s Batman reunion with Jock after their “Black Mirror” storyline in Detective Comics:

“The Batman Who Laughs comes to Gotham, wants to show Batman sort of the things he’s learned about him, because he’s like, ‘I’ve seen you on multiple worlds and I know you better than you know you, and what really makes you happy, and I’m going to show you.’ — and he’s going to burn all of Gotham with it. I have a giant plan. It goes back to the history, the origin point of Gotham, a secret plan the original five families had.”

Scott Snyder Batman who laughs dc comics news

Snyder added that a new dark Dark Knight, who he refers to as “Punisher Batman,” will appear to wreak havoc:

“It’s Batman’s second-worst fear, which is what would happen to him if he started using lethal force. So it’s not a Dark Knight to be celebrated, it’s a Dark Knight to be like terrified of. Batman is a billionaire, so he has stuff in your phone and your car and your building, so you might be driving on a bridge and if he wants to off you, you just go off the road. So, you know, he’s terrifying in that way. He’s like Iron Man, but, you know, if he was a villain and lethal.”

You can read all of Snyder’s comments HERE.


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