[Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers]

Writer: Tom Taylor

Art: Daniel Sampere, Bruno Redondo & Juan Albarran

Colors: Rex Lokus

Letters: Wes Abbott



While this is the last issue of the series, the story does not conclude until Injustice 2 Annual #2!  The issue opens with a mysterious attack on the White House which is a lovely bit of misdirection which turns out to be simple kids play.  However, it leads directly into the meat of the issue as Jefferson Pierce is summoned to an important meeting.  The Joint Chiefs of Staff have determined that Ra’s al Ghul has been operating out of Gorilla City with Solovar.  They’ve also determined that Ra’s and Solovar are under attack as they’ve detected some of last issue’s events.


In Gorilla City, Grodd takes control of Solovar’s son’s mind and forces Solovar to surrender.  In turn he takes control of Gorilla City and kills Ra’s as well.  But, Ra’s is able to get off a final message to Bruce Wayne asking him to save the world for his grandchildren.

Back in Gotham, Alfred makes a plea to the Kent’s to watch over Bruce as Alfred realizes that since his resurrection he’s not himself and it’s become increasingly more difficult to function.  Alfred is determined not to have the tables turned on the relationship with Bruce.  Despite Bruce’s protestations, Alfred leaves in order for  Bruce not to have to take care of him.


This series takes so many twists and turns, the creative team completely sells the opening as a reality and not play for the kid in the series.  However, it creates a perfect opportunity for Jefferson to chose to let things go in an attempt to make the world safer.

There’s a strong theme in this issue of making the world safer for the children.  It’s a message in which the real world is always in need.  This shows Ra’s humanity, Jefferson Pierce’s wavering morality and the close relationship between Bruce and Alfred.  Their moment is extremely touching and it seems only fitting that Alfred would turn Bruce over to the greatest parents in the history of comics, the Kent’s.  Go on and give Sampere, Redondo and Albarran an award for this issue.  Not only do they depict every emotion between Bruce and Alfred subtly and masterfully, they sell the opening misdirection masterfully, especially the faces of the “dying” Oliver Queen and Dinah Lance.


The good news is that this series doesn’t wrap up until the Annual, due November 21.



While much of this issue is simply set up for the finale, there are some wonderful emotional moments and some intriguing decisions made by characters.  While this issue seems to exist more as connective tissue to the finale, the creative team makes the most of it with some personal moments and some existential allusions.



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