Review: Green Lanterns #57 (Final Issue)

by Konrad Secord-Reitz
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[Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers]

Writer: Dan Jurgens

Artist: Mike Perkins & Hi-Fi



THE END, powerful words that end stories, novels, comic series, and one day with a whimper, existence. That is what Henshaw has in his mind, the end of the Green Lantern Corps and Coast City. After beating back the Ravagers, the Corps is free and have once again taken Mogo back and imprisoned Eon. With His plans foiled, Cyborg Superman returns to coast city to take revenge against Hal Jordan by destroying Coast city!

Hank Henshaw with Love


Perkins’s art in this issue stands out beyond his previous work in the series. While the character designs remain the same, it is Perkins use of the whole spectrum of colors in this issue that makes the ending of this series standout. Not only does Henshaw blaze like a peacock with the Phantom Ring’s use of the whole spectrum, but the calamity that is Henshaw affects the whole world, the sky turning red, green or blue.

Henshaw Attacks
Not This Time
Stronger Now

On the 12th page of the issue is a wonderful working of the panels, turning this final battle between Hal and Henshaw into the lantern symbol itself. As per the series name a host of Lanterns appear on Earth to back up Jordan as he fights a loosing battle to the Cyborg Superman. In Corps fashion they are an interesting and wide array of alien species with a vibrant series of colors.



While I appreciate the importance of Hal Jordan to the Green Lantern Corps, being the original Green Lantern in print, he shouldn’t be the focus of Jessica Cruz and Simon Baz’s final issue. The fact that he is the show-runner for 19 of 22 pages in Green Lanterns feels wrong. He is drawn and written in real Hal Jordan fashion but he hasn’t been the protagonist throughout the series, only a supporting character.

This series has been fantastic at developing the growth of Jessica Cruz and Simon Baz. Ending the series in this way feels like an injustice as the protagonists appear as a foot note. After 57 issues of character development, and coming into her own as a Lantern and hero, Jessica Cruz leaves the world of Green Lanterns and Earth. This does set her up to be in Justice League Odyssey, but separating her from Baz is inappropriate as they are a buddy-cop team and function well together.



Green Lanterns #57, The End, closes out this series with a bang! But that bang feels like a magician using slight of hand to distract you from the real magic of this series.


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