Hollywood Make-Up Artist Rick Baker Joins DC Collectibles

DC Collectibles is the award-winning line of collectibles straight from DC Entertainment.  For 20 years, DC Collectibles has brought a commitment of quality and authenticity to its replica busts, prop replicas, action figures and limited-edition statues of some of the most iconic characters in DC Comics, and their newest bust is no different.

We are proud to announce DC Collectibles’ newest piece made for the most iconic Super-Villain of all time, The Joker.  Created by one of the most celebrated special makeup effect artists in Hollywood, Rick Baker, the bust measures 1:1 scale and is approximately 22″ tall and will be available in two editions.

The Ultimate Edition is made from Baker’s original molds.  The bust will showcase Baker’s original paint colors from the Jokers shirt and vest.  Only 50 pieces will be available and will come with a certificate of authenticity.

The Standard Edition will have 150 pieces available and features The Joker sporting an orange shirt and purple vest.  The Ultimate Edition MSRP is $1500 and Standard Edition MSRP is $1000


“When DC Collectibles approached me about this project, I jumped at the chance to do something with The Joker,” said Baker.  “The Joker is one of the most notorious Super-Villains of all time, and I had a blast depicting his twisted and demented personality through this bust.  The DC Collectibles team was great to work with and gave me complete creative freedom to bring my version of the character to life”

For purchasing information, visit http://www.dccomics.com/collectibles




Jeff Testanero

Hartford, Connecticut based blogger and podcaster. Graduate of the Connecticut School of Broadcasting and serious comic book collector for the past 20+ years Diehard Superman fanboy