[Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers]

Director: Kevin Rodney Sullivan

Writers: Richard Hatem & Geoff Johns and Marisha Mukerjee & Greg Walker

Starring: Brenton Thwaites, Teagon Croft, Anna Diop and Ryan Potter



Dove is in critical condition in the hospital with Hawk waiting by her side and Rachel has been taken by the creepy Nuclear family. Dick Grayson knows he can’t do anything for Dove, but he is determined to find Rachel.

Kory Anders (Starfire) searches Rachel’s house for clues. She’s seen by the police, but she makes short work of them and escapes to find Rachel.

The Nuclear family make a pit stop for gas and bathroom breaks. Rachel tries to escape but is unable to get away until Kory shows up and rescues her from the family. Rachel and Kory begin building a relationship. Kory knows that she needs to keep a close eye on Rachel but she just has no idea why.

Dick Grayson reflects on his own life and begins to understand why Bruce Wayne rescued him. He realizes he’s beginning to feel the same need to rescue Rachel.

Kory’s clues lead her to a locker in a skating rink which contains a key to a storage unit. It’s also there that Dick’s able to finally track them down and it’s where Rachel meets Gar for the first time.

Rachel goes to a convent that seems to know about her past while Dick and Kory investigate the storage unit which clues them in on Rachel’s past.

Starfire - DC Comics News


Kory Anders (Starfire) really steals the show in this episode. She not only saves Rachel from the Nuclear family, but she also shows Rachel how much of a bad ass she is in a fight.

This is also the first episode where the audience gets to see the whole team in the same room together. It’s only for a moment, but it was still exciting to see them together. Knowing next week’s episode is titled “Doom Patrol” only adds to the excitement because Victor Stone will be introduced on the next DC Universe series, Doom Patrol. Whether or not he’ll appear in next week’s episode remains to be seen, but the connection is still being made.

Beast Boy - DC Comics News


Near the beginning of the episode, Kory is caught searching Rachel’s house by the police. She could’ve easily snuck out after taking down the first officer, but for some reason the writers felt it was necessary for her to take all of them down. It felt like overkill and it painted Kory in a bad light since the police didn’t appear to be corrupt. They were just doing their jobs.

 Titans Together - DC Comics News


Another great episode that really pushes the story forward. More questions are answered as the team finally begins to come together. However, even more questions arise as they dig deeper into Rachel’s past.

The dynamic of the team members really is well done and feels organic. It would be nice to have more Gar at this point but it’s obvious they are building to that.

I only wish I could binge watch the season now, but since I can’t, I’m anxiously awaiting next week’s episode.


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