Review: Black Lightning 2×03 – “Master Lowry”

by Brad Filicky
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[Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers]

Director: Rose Troche

Writer: Tony Isabella

Starring: Cress Williams, China Anne McClain, Nafessa Williams, Christine Adams, Marvon Jones, James Remar



This week’s episode of Black Lightning starts off with a bang, with Black Lightning in full effect, saving some police from one of the Green Light babies.

I mentioned in my review of episode two that Black Lightning is a show about family. I meant that in a very positive way. This week explored family in a darker way. Namely between Tobias and Painkiller. Tobias continues to groom Khalil to become Syonide’s replacement. It’s a family dynamic, but it’s a toxic relationship. Tobias’ intentions are purely selfish while Khalil is looking for a father figure. This won’t end well for Painkiller, especially considering the things he has done to win Tobias’ favor. Oh and there’s a significant thing that happens to Tobias this episode.


We meet the man that will take the place of Jefferson Pierce as principle. We are not impressed. The new guy has none of Jefferson’s tact, experience or soul, instead focusing on the bottom line.

Jennifer’s story took an interesting turn. To help her learn to accept her powers, Lynn and Jefferson hire a woman who can create a mental plane where she can explore her powers in safety. We see her create a gold box to put her feelings in while she explores her abilities. Later, we’re told she’s going to explore what her feelings are. All we get is a brief glimpse of her on fire and screaming.


It was great to see Black Lightning get more action this episode. The new ways Jennifer can explore her powers could be an interesting plot device if they use it right.

This show still maintains its heart and moral compass. These heroes are good people. This is refreshing in world were integrity is a endangered value.

As the relationship between Tobias and Painkiller gets more complex it will be a good foil to the good of the Pierces. You can’t have the light without the darkness.


Admittedly there was a lot shoved into this episode, so a few plot points felt under developed. We didn’t get to see enough of Jennifer in the new plain. As the season progresses this will all be explored so it’s just a matter of having patience to let the story progress.



While this show tended to be a little slow in parts, it was great getting to see more of the titular hero in action. It also sowed the seeds for potential big events happening this season. Keep fighting the good fight, Pierce family.





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