[Editor’s note: This review may contain spoilers]

Writer: James Tynion IV

Artists: Emanuela Lupacchino & Ray McCarthy

Colorist: Romulo Fajardo Jr.



“The Witching Hour” part four! As Hecate’s new world is born, Wonder Woman is under the goddess’ total control! This is magic’s darkest hour—one of the most powerful magicians of all time may not survive!



David Yardin’s cover is cool. It’s stylized and showcases Wonder Woman’s power under Hecate’s influence.

The art from this team is always spectacular. I love Lupacchino’s pencils. It’s a great looking book.

Justice League Dark reviewer Ari Bard and I collaborated on this review. In the story, Wonder Woman finds herself in a purgatory-esque place while Hecate possesses her. It’s similar to what happened to Sam when Reign took over in the third season of Supergirl. Fajardo Jr.’s colors are cool in these scenes; Wonder Woman is in bright colors but everything else is in black and white. That’s a cool aesthetic. This section of the issue is cool in general; from a narrative point of view, it allows the audience to stay connected with Diana. Otherwise, she wouldn’t be in this issue at all other than her physical form.

The fight between Black Orchid and Swamp Thing is a lot of fun. It’s cool to see the extent of her power and the art is really great in this scene.

I like Constantine and Zatanna’s part of this issue a lot. Part of the story is returning Constantine to his roots so he’s not this over powered badass. He’s just a basic exorcist and that’s exactly what they need right now. My favorite part of the issue is the exorcism Constantine and Zatanna perform. I like the idea that simplicity is needed to defeat Hecate.



My only real complaint is the same one I’ve had for this entire story; there is too much narration. Most of the time it’s telling me what I can already see through the art. It’s unnecessary and makes certain sections a little tedious.



This is a solid issue. It’s very action heavy but that makes sense at this point in the story. It might not read that well on its own but it’s an effective and fun progression of the story. The art is wonderful as well and it’s a really enjoyable read.


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