Review: Batman: Kings of Fear #3

by Christian Ruiz
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[Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers]

Writer: Scott Peterson

Artist: Kelley Jones

Colors: Michelle Madsen

Letters: Rob Leigh



There’s nothing to fear but fear itself—unless, of course, the Scarecrow is trying to scare all of Gotham City to death with his fear gas! Dr. Jonathan Crane has undergone an intense therapy session in order to “cure” Batman of his various psychoses. That involves Batman and Scarecrow battling through the streets of Gotham City, with the Caped Crusader not knowing what’s real and what’s fake. Can Batman handle this sudden influx of personal demons into his psyche? Or will the next cell in Arkham Asylum be reserved for Bruce Wayne?


Batman can be scary and his job tedious. Watching over Gotham’s lower class, making sure little kids get home safe, while maintaining himself as a defender of the innocent, something they do not have to fear.  Kings of Fear #3 does a great job of setting this world up and showing you the day-by-day the Dark Knight has to go through to keep his superhero life going even though it’s not as glamorous as one may think.



DC has a problem with these stalling books. This is a limited series with only six issues total and we barely got anything of the many story or even advanced the story to a point where you are on the edge of your seat waiting for that next issue. It’s really a disappointment to have such slow story telling even with the bright spots glowing through. It does little to advance the story.


Its disappointing when you know a story could be great and change the way we look at the Caped Crusader’s exploits while still creating a special place for the books themselves within the plethora of books that depict the Dark Knight’s life. This does a poor job of really cementing itself in the Bat-verse.


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